Chris van Walsum’s diverse body of work represents an interest in a sensory way of thinking as well as a nuanced perception of cyber dystopia, visually encapsulating a broad range of cultural, historical, and digital allusions—from studies of romanticism combined with a form of abstract expressionist projection, to the world of digitalism and social media. 

Coming of age in a digitizing society, he explores the vast landscape of internet cultures and technological advancements, grappling with memes, emerging trends and the psychological phenomena surrounding social media.

Fusing art and the virtual realm, Chris transforms tech-driven imagery into physical form by blending digital mark-making techniques with abstract expressionist acts of painting, utilizing tools such as Snapchat, generative AI, and 3D design software. 

Through this process, digital elements are transformed into natural textures, infusing the work with a simulated accent.

His romantic attitude is embodied in his large scale paintings, where he places great value on both sublimity and emotion. Through his portrayal of intense and evocative imagery, he strives to provoke strong emotions within his subjects. Paintings that, over the course of time, have combined acrylic painting and collage techniques; classical pictorial elements inspired by baroque and abstract expressionist methods. 

Tackling expansive themes such as nostalgia, anxiety, identity, memory and childhood. 

Chris has employed a diversity of materials including cardboard, leather photo albums, plastic, clay and pumice stone; fragments of text as well as thickly applied paint, modeling paste and digital reproduction.

Chris van Walsum lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



1999 Krimpen aan den IJssel


2020-23 BFA 3, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

Solo Exhibitions

2022, Atelier Artplaats, Amsterdam

2023 The Sky of a Made Up World, De Bouwput, Amsterdam

Group Exhibitions 

2022 Opening/Closing, Vondelbunker, Amsterdam

2020 Untitled, NEVERNEVERLAND, Amsterdam

Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 A State of Control, Loosenart, Rome, Italy

2021 Digital Community, Kunsthaus Steffisburg, Switserland

2022 PAPERBOUND, De Bouwput, Amsterdam

2023 701, Art Week Rotterdam, Rotterdam


2021 Artist in Residence at The GrandSofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam, Amsterdam


2022 'De magie van zelf blaadjes maken' Het Parool