Explanations for serial paintings.


Please refer to the paintings page for a more in depth view of individual works.


"Disclosure" 2022.

This ongoing series allows one to feel the nearness of emotions as they’re stepping in closer to the skin than physically possible, creating a blurry distorted image. 

"An Honest Way To Feel Free." 2019-2020.


Exploring faith, sexuality, gender, the human body and how they interact with each other.

The figures interacting with these themes are depicted as mannequins.

This  allows one to differentiate from them and isolate these topics. 

  "A Cherry Blossom's Secret." 2019-2021.

Triptych total size 350cm x 120cm. 2019-2021.  

Symbolism, nationalism, totalitarianism and resistance in Japan during WW2.

"Digital Memories." 2021. 

Diving into the world of digitalism.

Using Snapchat as a tool to archive and capture memories. Here, I’m Interested in the direct translation from digital to canvas.



"Expression In Blue." 2021.

Inspired by Johannes Itten's drawing classes at the Bauhaus. 

Drawings not especially focusing on anatomical precision but the discovery and interpretation of the characteristic expression of each pose.

"Exposure." 2022.

These paintings allow one to observe subjects within enlightenment with playful eyes. 

Subjects like finding the first dinosaur bone in history.